Mr. Hitchcock,

sometimes words turn to backfire, they come back and hit like a boomerang. In July 2013 you wrote on

„One of the most inexcusable things you can do in business is treat your customers like dollar signs. Not only will this lead to poor service and a bad reputation, it will also mean you will miss out on all the great opportunities having a good customer relationship can provide.
Perhaps it is because we are part of the subscription economy, in which retention is king, but we’ve always seen the value of our customers. Happy and loyal customers are good for business today and, even more valuable, tomorrow. Even more, if you treat them well enough and provide a killer service, they can become excellent brand ambassadors.“

Today I got an E-mail from your company saying that the free dyndns service provided by will be terminated by the end of May. In the past 12 month you have bossed the users of free dyndns services around, made us log in on your website, erase our accounts if we forgot or neglect to worship. We still believed in your promise given back in 1998: „The dyndns service will always be free of charge“. Today you broke your promise. And to make matters worse your closefistedness and disreputability are patently displayed for the world to see.

Today it is very clear that offering the free service was like opening pandoras box, good for marketing but economically less beneficial as became a synonym like „Hoover“ for vacuum cleaners. The service was built into every low cost router on the planet and thousands used it without even knowing about your company. On the other hand hobbyists and enthusiasts helped grow from a small startup to a global player in domain hosting, some even donated to keep your company going.

The turn-down you announced today makes you and your company look like a bunch of idiots Mr. Hitchcock. Violation of the basic rules of doing business will result in losing a vital part of their customers, moreover deciders and senior executives will not even consider negotiating with you, because has failed to meet the crucial requirement of business relations: reliability.

Note to self: Frau P., ein Idiot bin ich nicht. Musik: Will Haven, The Presidents of the USA, Behemoth.

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